User Responsibilities


·       It’s recommended to buy a piece of material for testing if you’re not sure about allergic reaction.

·       Allergic people should test the product materials, talcum powder, cosmetics, etc. before use.
        Purchasing is prohibited if you’re allergy to this material.


·       ​Consult before purchasing – Once you placed order, meaning you had accepted and understood what you’re buying. 
        Please read all the information and consult us if you have any doubt about the product design, construction, composition and materials.


·       Your doll relies on you to take care of. It’s a delicate doll needed to be understood how it works and how to be treated. 
        Read the care guide before use and always follow the guide to keep her in good condition as long as you can.


·       Refrain from sharing your doll with anyone else, to prevent spreading of STD diseases and bacteria.

·       Clean your doll’s vaginal, anal and oral canals with antibacterial soap and dry thoroughly after every use to prevent growth of bacteria.

·       Use of a condom with your doll is recommended to avoid growth of bacteria.

·       Use a water-based lubricant when having sex with your Love Doll to prevent tearing of the canals.

·       It’s for adult use only, children under 18 years old are forbidden to purchase or use.

·       It must be kept away from children who are under 18 years old.

·       It is your responsibility to make sure that you are allowed to buy doll in your country.
        i.e. : in most Islamic countries and India, sex dolls are forbidden.
        We will not proceed to any refund if your product is confiscated by customs.


If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.